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CT based events for parents of children with special needs.

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We offer various service options to fit your unique advocacy needs.

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 Mental Health Help

Has your son or daughter recently been diagnosed with a mental health challenge?  Do you feel overwhelmed? Unsure of what to do? Who to turn to? 

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Advocacy Offices of Faith Filiault (Advocate with Faith)

196 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT, United States

(203) 493-4237

Satellite office in West Haven, CT

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My Aunt Faith helped me advocate for myself when it was time for my transition program.  Because of her help I will receive my high school diploma and I am currently earning my Veterinary Assistant Certification and will be able to do the kind of work I love to do.  I am also becoming an independent  adult and learning to take care of myself and have started a social group named Friends of Artie.

- Arthur Bass, Wilton, CT

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Special Education, Bullying and Mental Health Advocacy

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