Special Education, Bullying and Mental Health Advocacy

"Advocate with Faith"                                                                                                                                          

Call Us:  (203) 493-4237

Services Available: Parent Training/Coaching, Records Management/Maintenance/Organization, IEP/504 Attendance, Strategic IEP Planning, IEP Reviews/Recommendations,  IEP Preparation Assistance,  Referrals to Professionals,  Preparation of files for Attorney

NOTICE: Faith FIRMLY believes advocacy services should be available to families of ALL income levels.  Please don't hesitate to call because of your financial circumstances.

Out of state advocacy services are available via Skype, Face Time or Phone.

All new clients must schedule a one-hour comprehensive consultation as a first appointment.

Payment is due in advance of the consultation.  Please email faith@advocatewithfaith.com to schedule an appointment or call (203) 493-4237.  We understand the urgency of your needs and work hard to schedule appointments within 48 business hours.

Payment plans are always available.

Reduced Rates

Reduced rates are available.  Please ask for details.


Required for all new clients

We offer one hour consultations by appointment (in person or by phone) for a fee.


Services & Fees