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We received the school records within a few days.  Faith met me at my home at unGodly hours to discuss the records and never rushed me.  She understood my need to care for my son while we talked and went out of her way to get to know him as well.  My attorney never laid eyes on my son nor did he ever ask to meet him. As an attorney I set a high bar for those involved with my son's case. What I found rather impressive was Faith's willingness to really work hard on getting the job done.  She piled through everything with such precision.  My calls were answered almost immediately but I never waited more than a few hours.  I was updated constantly by phone or email.  By the time I entered the hospital I was at peace knowing that my son's case was in excellent hands.

Faith did more in 8 days than my attorney did in 2 years! Faith is efficient, effective but not off putting. She is almost like a general contractor making sure that everyone does their job properly. She knows exactly when things are due and gives enough notice to everyone to make sure deadlines are met. Moreover, I really like her as a person.  Faith does this passionately and not just as a way to secure an income.  She advocates from the heart which is rare in any field.  I can't believe my luck in finding her. She has given me peace of mind and my son the place he deserves in the community.
Elisa B. ~ New Canaan, CT

My family and I benefited immensely from Faith's knowledge,
strategy, and caring.  Faith collaborated with us, explained how and why she uses the approaches that she does, and provided us with the skills and knowledge that we will be able to use for years to come.  At the PPT, Faith easily established a professional rapport with the PPT team members and succeeded in obtaining the services and procedures that will ensure our child's continued
academic progress.  If you are looking  for an Education Advocate that will present your side with compassion and intelligence, Advocate with Faith is your best choice.

Joshua H. ~ Middlebury, CT

I can vouch that Faith is great!  She really helped us.

Julie S. ~ Wilton, CT

Faith is the best.  We are so glad to have her as our advocate.

Michelle ~ Newtown, CT

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for all your efforts at helping us with our daughters special education. You are a professional at what you do and your organization skills, punctuality and knowledge of the school system was extremely beneficial to us when it came to getting the services we desired from the school.

Gregg & Marci ~ Wilton, CT


Faith, I can't begin to tell you how I feel. I am beyond thrilled knowing that our son is finally going to receive all the support that he so desperately needed throughout his entire school life.  This new change in his school setting is going to transform his life both at home and at school in such a dramatic, positive way. The incredible amount of stress that weighed on my son and our family for so many years is finally going to be alleviated! With much appreciation for everything!
Millie C. ~ New Canaan, CT

Faith is clearly the best Advocate I have ever had.  She has taught me a tremendous amount, and fully understands the big picture of a learning difference – children’s needs, parent perspectives, how schools work, testing processes, services available, legal aspects, etc..  I have been much more confident because of her.   Faith is extremely proficient on Special Education law, and I am always surprised at how much she knows. I can literally ask her anything.  She also is EXTREMELY responsive to every request, which is important when you are planning for a meeting, or having unanticipated difficulties, and if she cannot get back to you right away, she will tell you when she can.  If you are new to the world of learning differences, or if you are looking for a well-rounded Advocate who understands both the big picture and the most excruciating detail at the same time, contact Faith.  She is worth every penny.
Paula C. ~ Braintree, Ma.

I worked as an attorney until my son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2.  For several years I tried to advocate on his behalf but the emotions always got the best of me. Additionally, the very adversarial atmosphere any time I asked for services was taking time from the son who also needed my care. After a few years on my own I got an attorney who for two years did almost nothing and got me no further than where I had been previously (he actually made things more difficult for me). Faced with the prospect of more PPTs I decided to take a course in advocacy since my experience as an attorney was in a completely different area.  I was pleasantly surprised when the course was small (3 other moms) and the instructor was savvy but kind. Faith was the one teaching the course.  I was struck by her excellent advocacy skills, knowledge of the law as well as her ability to provide comfort all at once. The course was wonderful and it solidified just how little my attorney had done on our behalf.  Once again it was necessary to discuss services with the school district. At the same time, I was suddenly faced with a medical crisis and time was of the essence.  Physically I was not able to navigate the channels necessary to get what my son needed.  Eight days before having major surgery I put a call into Faith.  She immediately (and I mean the very next day since I called her in the evening) put in a petition for an emergency PPT. Faith personally drove to all the schools and/or facilities necessary to give them written requests for records, permission slips to speak to teachers, etc.  Now 7 days left before surgery Faith got us 2 meetings with the school and got in contact and spoke directly to all the players who would decide my son's future. This was the first time ever that I could just play mom and not the emotional advocate.